Tiny Tevet Treasures

Tiny Tevet Treasures launches its month of daily tiny-teachings! Coming to you via WhatsApp starting Dec 16 when the Hebrew Calendar marks the first day of the month of Tevet. These messages will infuse this darkest winter month with earth-connection, and self-reflection and connection to the rhythms of Jewish time and wisdom.

About Tevet:

Found just after Kislev, the month in which Hanukkah begins, the first two nights of Tevet we amplify our brightest lights on our darkest nights with the final days of hanukkah. This Jewish month quickly descends from a celebration of light into the depths of winter. Known as a month of anger and anguish, marked only by Hanukkah’s final nights and a minor fast day on which we commemorate the siege of Jerusalem, the Hebrew calendar largely falls dormant in Tevet.

Tiny Tevet Treasures is for you if you believe, like us, that we can transmute the winter blues and transform a story that Tevet is a month of hardship. Together we will build our reserves to face covid winter with connection and a continued commitment to find our way into the great outdoors.

Included in Tiny Tevet Treasures:

  • A-message-a-morning all month long on WhatsApp (you will receive your message solo, and your contact info will be kept private from other participants)
  • Each day has a theme: Meditation-Mondays, Torah-Tuesdays, Nature-Connection Wednesdays, etc.
  • An opt-in facebook group in which you can communicate with Aya, Sarah and other participants

No previous knowledge of the month of Tevet or the hebrew calendar required, all you’ll need to participate is curiosity and an open heart.? All you need to do is sign up here!

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What is WhatsApp?

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How will I get the messages? After you subscribe to Tiny Tevet Treasures, we will send you a link to join our private group on WhatsApp. Then, starting on December 16, you’ll receive one message a day within the app for the Hebrew month of Tevet.